Do you want to support us to be able to produce dance and choreographic productions? Then you can donate to Stichting Dance Motion Picture! Your contribution will make a big difference.

Stichting Dance Motion Picture has a cultural ANBI status. A cultural ANBI is a public benefit organization that is at least 90% active in the cultural field. This means that there is an extra gift deduction for your donation: private individuals may deduct 1.25 times the amount of the gift in the income tax return. Companies that are subject to corporate tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of the gift in the corporate tax return.

Would you like to donate to Magnezy Dance Productions / Stichting Dance Motion Picture, please contact us via or 0642814173.

Information ANBI

Foundation nameStichting Dance Motion Picture
Statutory objectiveThe foundation’s purpose is to produce dance and choreographic
productions and to take further actions, that are related to or can
be conducive to that objective, in the broadest sense.
Fiscal Registration CodeNL818106487
Chamber of Commerce24416433
Registered addressLange Haven 61A, 3111 CB Schiedam
Bank accountNL76INGB0003029611
BoardStacz Wilhelm – Chairman
Swati Sen Gupta – Secretary
Ilona Wamelink – Treasurer
Reward policyThe board members do not receive any reward for their work.
Outline of the policy planGoals:
Our goals for the next years are focusing on the planned activities, professionalization of the organization, realizing our marketing plans, with more specific attention to audience development, stimulating exchanges with professional (international) artists and collaborations between different art disciplines and supporting young makers in their creative process.

Income acquisition:
The past two years we have been structurally subsidized by the municipality of Schiedam. In addition, the municipality has granted various contributions for our projects. For further financing of these projects we received additional funding from national and regional funds.
To reach our goals we will develop a fundraising strategy aimed at raising larger funds. And we will look for a volunteer pool and hire interns.

Asset management:
To improve our organization in such a way that we can optimize our projects, more financial resources are needed. This money will be spent on improving our website, our marketing and purchasing professional support for our fundraising.

For the complete policy plan, please press here.