Magnezy Dance Productions

In 2016 the Gemeente Schiedam proposed Magnezy to write a long-term plan with the aim of professionalizing her organization and generating more dance related projects and events in Schiedam. In no time, what seemed like a mission impossible, turned into an artistic vision and a concrete plan. As a result stichting Dance Motion Picture is since 2018 structurally subsidized.

Magnezy set the following goals for herself and her organization: to establish a stable organization that can work structurally throughout the year; to deepen her connections with local networks and reach out to new audiences; to professionalize her residency program and to develop two new creations by the end of 2020.

Her platform Dans in Ontwikkeling that started first in 2014 in Ruimte in Beweging is for the 7th edition now, blindly programmed by Theatre aan de Schie. Her own location performance (h)OOGstraat was shown 16 times and was very well received by the audience. Her collaboration with artists Aldo Houben and Ron van der Ven (KunstWerkt) is continuing to develop. In March 2020 they plan to organize the exposition: ’In Beweging’ for the 2nd edition, an exposition that deals with movement in visual arts. On the opening day, March 15th she will represent the video dance installation: Fluidic time that was created with Houben and Van der Ven in June 2019, and performed by: Federica Panariello.

For the coming year Magnezy is aiming to deepen her connections with organizations in and outside of Schiedam; to continue supporting young makers with the platform Dans in Ontwikkeling and to develop her own creations.