“The uniformity in the development of living organisms proves the existence of the internal dynamics laws of development, which cannot be detected at the usage of generally accepted units of time measurement.”(E.A. Kahasanov)

In Trio-Log three women of three generations are joined together. Each one is a universe, a once in a lifetime trial of nature. With their different perspective and life experiences they step into a journey in which they search for the things that unite them and those that differ them.

Concept and choreography: Liat Magnezy

Sound: Hugo Verweij

Dramaturgy: Hans Timmerman

Light design: Paul van Laak and Ronald Tol

Production: Dansateliers Rotterdam

Performers: Adrienne Altenhaus, Daniela Cruz and Liat Magnezy

Duration: 25 min.

Special thanks to: Joan van der Mast, Angela Lissen, Conny Janssen, Arnica Eldenson, Tijtske Broersma, Elisa Barruchelli, Patricia Rotondo, Reut Gez, Efrat Levi, Daniela Cruz and Adrienne Altehaus.

Performances: between 2009 & 2010 in Dansateliers Rotterdam; Ruimte in Beweging, Schiedam and in Bucharest Romania.