‘Ruimte in Beweging’ as a the working studio of choreographer Liat Magnezy was invited to participate in the ‘Atelier Route’ that took place on September 13th and 14th 2008 in Schiedam.

For this happening Magnezy presented the project, which she titled: Metamorphosa in collaboration with dancer/maker Konrad Szymański.

Metamorphosa was a series of short performances on location dealing with the relationship between the performer and the space. Space was either reshaping the performer’s movement or being reshaped by the performer. Inspired by the working process of transforming the industrial location on Boterstraat 81 into ‘Ruimte in Beweging’, different corners, rooms and areas of the space will be transformed into a performing space filled with movement, image and text.

One out of the different acts was an installation performance titled ‘Live box’ created by Konrad Szymański, who danced inside a box. During his dance live photos were captured and projected on the outside walls of the box. The installation was opening two possibilities for the viewer to watch the performance: from outside inside through ‘lenses’ of different angles and focus, exposing limited and fragmented images of the actual performance; or from inside outside through live projected images giving a wide frame picture. The performance was accompanied with live composed sound like music and image destruction.

Konrad Szymański is a polish artist. In 2006 he graduated from Economics Faculty of University of Łódź, Poland, and one year later a B.A. program in performing dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. He is a performer and creator in the field of theatre and performance art. Next to this, he works as a freelance photographer, freelance dancer and art manager. From 2008 to 2010 CodArts institution, Rotterdam, commissioned him for his photography work. His piece “Solo.06” (2007), commissioned by Kulczyk Foundation in Poznań (Poland) was presented both in Poland and in the Netherlands. His close work with drummer Wieland Moeller on instant composition premiered in Łódź (Poland) in April 2008. In 2006 he won the first prize at the National Polish Photography Competition in Lublin “Dance – Energy of the Body and Imagination”. In 2010 Konrad moved permanently back to Poland to pursue his dream to live in the forest.