“He didn’t know her name, but that same braid was following him…and following him…her presence was all the time in the air.” (Haim Hefer)

All the time in the air, is a confrontation with the choreographer’s personal background. It is an attempt to express an oppressive situation upon an individual, being part of a collective system, such as the army. In which free will and moral believes are questioned. The individual looses his identity and becomes a serial number, seeking to escape and find a shelter within his own body, his own mind and thoughts.

Concept and choreography: Liat Magnezy

Music Composition: Hugo Verweij

Songs: “He didn’t know her name”- Haim Hefer & “Mikre Kaban” – Ehud Banai

Text reading: Tomer Moshovski 

Video: Liat Magnezy & Arash Khosravipour

Light design: Liat Magnezy

Production: Rotterdam Dance Academy

Advisor: Bruno Listopad

Performers: Pawel Adametz, Konrad Szymanski and Kim Fischer

Duration: 20 min.

Performances: between 2005 & 2007 at ccBe Theater, Dream Shot festival, Antwerp, Belgium; Atrium Stadhuis, TodaysArt festival, Hague; Plartforma festival Kleipada, Lithuania;  Meidans festival, Waegehuys Theatre, Leuven, Belgium; International Platform for Choreographers Almada, Portugal; Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam; Korzo Theater, Hague.