All the time in the air

“He didn’t know her name, but that same braid was following him…and following him…her presence was all the time in the air.” (Haim Hefer)

All the time in the air, is a confrontation with the choreographer’s personal background. It is an attempt to express an oppressive situation upon an individual, being part of a collective system, such as the army. In which free will and moral believes are questioned. The individual looses his identity and becomes a serial number, seeking to escape and find a shelter within his own body, his own mind and thoughts.

Concept and choreography: Liat Magnezy

Music Composition: Hugo Verweij

Songs: “He didn’t know her name”- Haim Hefer & “Mikre Kaban” – Ehud Banai

Text reading: Tomer Moshovski 

Video: Liat Magnezy & Arash Khosravipour

Light design: Liat Magnezy

Production: Rotterdam Dance Academy

Advisor: Bruno Listopad

Performers: Pawel Adametz, Konrad Szymanski and Kim Fischer

Duration: 20 min.

Performances between 2005 & 2007 at ccBe Theater, Dream Shot festival, Antwerp, Belgium; Atrium Stadhuis, TodaysArt festival, Hague; Plartforma festival Kleipada, Lithuania;  Meidans festival, Waegehuys Theatre, Leuven, Belgium; International Platform for Choreographers Almada, Portugal; Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam; Korzo Theater, Hague.