Invisible River is a collaboration project between choreographer Liat Magnezy, composer Petar Dundakov and Arabesque Dance Company of Sofia.

Sofia is the only European city (together with Madrid) that does not have a river that flows through it. This geographical fact was the starting point for this project. Metaphorically speaking a river stands for the qualities of change, for its dynamic characteristics. It is never the same; it is constantly changing, drifting away. A river in a city is often used for trading, for sharing, for washing, for cleaning, for swimming. It is a place of movement. It is very often a central point or a point of reference for its inhabitants.

Invisible River was a site-specific performance presented in September 2013 in the streets of Sofia. It was staged for the IX International Competition for Contemporary Choreography in 2014.

Concept: Liat Magnezy, Petar Dundakov

Choreography: Liat Magnezy

Music: Petar Dundakov

Performers: Angelina Gavrilova, Andreya Andonova, Stefani Handjiiska, Valeri Milenkov, Filip Milanov, Stephan Vuchov.

Production: Arabesque Dance Company & Dance Space Foundation / Boriana Setchanova