“Through the tunnel vision of nightlife…hit by joy and delight…carried along with the
mass…time is standing still and loneliness invades”.

Line-Up is a performance inspired by house music and the nightlife dance scene in
Amsterdam between 2005 & 2006. This piece was developed with 5 of Scapino Ballet
dancers shortly after the research project: Beat-Up in Dansateliers. It was performed on
a special designed podium of 3 x 3 meters that was placed in the middle of the big stage
at the Rotterdam Schouwburg.

Concept and choreography: Liat Magnezy
Music: Hugo Verweij
Costume design: morVEyos
Production: Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.
Dancers: Regina Hyung-Bo Kim, Veronique Prins, Ryan Lawrence, Joaquim de Santana and Rupert Tookey
Duration: 10 min.

Performances: June 2006 during Twools 8 in Rotterdam Schouwburg.