Stichting Dance Motion Picture is a project-based foundation based in Schiedam, the Netherlands. The foundation is initiating and supporting national and international performing art projects.

Since 2007 the foundation has produced divers projects such as: ‘maProject’ (Vilnius, 2009) for the European cultural capital city; ‘Gazing my fall’ (2010); ‘Bird’s Echo’ (2010), art festival Invisible City (2011), Silent Spin (2012), Mind the Road (2014), (h)OOGstraat, Dans in Ontwikkeling (2017-present).

Statutory objective

The foundation’s purpose is to produce dance and choreographic productions and to take further actions, that are related to or can be conducive to that objective, in the broadest sense.

The board

The current board is formed by the following board members:
Amy Gale                   Chairman
Danielle Mol            Secretary
Ilona Wamelink     Treasurer

The board members do not receive any reward for their work.


Policy 2019-2020