Sharing experience is an invitation for collaboration between two dance makers and performers. Yuval and Liat met each other for the first time during their education period both in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The physical and emotional memory of their shared dancing and performing experiences triggered their need to meet up once again after 6 years of working individually. ‘Sharing experience’ is about studying each other through the knowledge and different perceptions they earned through the past years. It is an opportunity to open a dialog about the creative process from a pure, honest place where there is plenty of space for exploration and fascinations.

In ‘Sharing experience’ Liat and Yuval started from a neutral point, in which no plans were made ahead except for coming together. Within the working process they have been searching for the truth in the actual moments of meeting and giving space for both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to exist by finding each other’s borders and limitations. Moreover, by finding each other stubborn and yet willing to compromise, they were communicating their need for structure and their need for freedom.

Yuval Goldstein is an Israeli dancer, choreographer and an actor, educated in Israel. In 2001 he joined theatre “Clipa”, in which he worked for two years. In 2004-2006 he joined “Company Cisyphe Heureux” in Paris, France. In which he performed the piece “BackUp”. Followed by that, Yuval began creating his own work. Yuval is teaching dance, movement and theatre. As well as, he is a member of “Octet”, an improvisation group of professional dancers striving to explore the field of live improvisation.

Choreography and performance: Liat Magnezy and Yuval Goldstein

Music: ‘Einech Yechola’ – Ha Halonot Ha Gvohim

Lights: Ronald Tol

Production: One Night Dance, Dansateliers (2007)

Duration: 10 min.