February 20 | Time 20:15 | Dans in Ontwikkeling | Theater Wennekerpand

The Persistence of Memory / Matea Kiselichka

The inspiration for this choreographic work comes from the surrealistic paintings The Burning Giraffe and The Persistence of Memory of Salvador Dalí, and the painting of René Magritte, The Lovers.

As the surrealism summons us to activate the unconscious mind through imagery and dreams, this choreography will apply this state by the search for balancing the rational vision of life and the distorted one, by releasing the creative potential of the unconscious mind.

Dance: Anneloes van Schuppen, Hazel Öfner, Marilou Hemmerlin
Music: Sara Zamboni
Costume: Martina Kiselichka
Decor: Rob van der Ven
Dramaturgie and Coaching: Hans Timmerman, Katarzyna Sitarz

Casual Steps  / Joseph Simon

Casual Steps is a duet verging between ballet and house dance. Two dancers meet on the dance floor in a universe where the court ballet, the club, casualness, elegance, attitude, coolness and groove come together. Inspired by the story of the Ballets Russes, that stirred up Paris a century ago with their unconventional and foreign flair, Joseph seeks to reinvesti- gate the attraction of the exotic.

Concept, choreography: Joseph Simon
Dancers and co-creators: Alesya Dobysh (cast), Lukas Karvelis (cast), Bilal Bachir (cover)
Dramaturgy: Merel Heering
Light design: Quintus
Music: Jimmi Jo Hueting, Une nuit sur le mont chauve, Mussorgsky
Production: Dansateliers
Financially supported by: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Special Thanks to: Auguste Bournonville for his genius contribution to Ballet and Ilyana
Karthas author of When Ballet Became French, source of inspiration for this piece