Dans in Ontwikkeling 9

Postscriptum 223 | Residency project

Being completely yourself, sometimes requires a little extra courage. Vulnerability and self-esteem, and the emotional world underneath, are revealed in Postscriptum 223. Unconformity to normative expectations and gender identity are still taboo subjects. Choreographer Robin Nimanong sharpens the personal reality of the viewer and facilitates comfort in the unusual. Together with the audience, the dancers Elvedin Šiljdedić, Liel Fibak and Robin Nimanong reflect, connect and extricate a greater consciousness by striving for acceptance using different perspectives.

‘About dance, fireflies and the end of the world as we know it’ is a dance and spoken word performance, in which choreographer Sandra Kramerova celebrates dance as a useless phenomenon. This dance lecture questions the role of art and dance in the Western world, linking it to the crisis of Modernity. Bubbles of text and movement spiral around each other creating a visually stimulating landscape of poetic and ironic scenarios, where Words by Jordi Ribot Thunnissen and Dance by Anastasia Kostner and Sandra Kramerova coexist in the utility of the useless.