Dans in Ontwikkeling 16

Dans in Ontwikkeling edition 16

‘Clausura’ is a duet that explores the concept of closure, depicting an unending journey through physical and mental limitations. A seemingly elusive endpoint, perpetually hindered by the constraints we impose upon ourselves. Through movement, music, and visual storytelling, choreographer Alicia Verdú Macián weaves a narrative of perpetual evolution, adaptation and transformation. The work uncovers diverse forms of communication through a series of intricate movement experiments. The heart of the performance lies in a shared costume, a symbol of limitation, and the eventual discovery of liberation within its constraints. Witness the profound shift from symbiosis to mitosis as the performers navigate the delicate balance between restriction and freedom.

Performers: Teresa Royo, Alicia Verdú Macián

Composer: Skander Jaïbi

Costume designer: Alexander Ambite

Cyborg DNA: version Explicit is a solo installation performance suggesting a queer future through the cyberbody and digital art, a hypersensitive and hypnotic experience that discusses the complexity of the body and technology. From evolution to transhumanism -choreographer Robin Nimanong recreates human measurements, within an infinite sense of time.

Inspired by the text Cyborg Manifesto from Donna Haraway, which suggests that as language evolves over time, influenced by new technological discoveries, so will the thought of humans in the future more profoundly describe frequencies, blood groups, and nanochips. Humans will change and transform today’s focus on race, gender and ethnicity into new parameters and therefore we will connect on different planes.

Performer: Fleur van der Schaaf

Sound design: Clara Cozzolino

Digital art: Lux Nautilus

Production: ICK Artist Space (New Adventures) Suzy Blok & Astrid Klein Haneveld

Supported by FPK – AFK Norma and BNG fonds