Dans in Ontwikkeling 15

Dans in Ontwikkeling edition 15

“SELF-HELP: how to make babies, have a career and eat organic” is a duet by choreographer Margarida Constantino in the shape of a self-help book, trapped in the confinements of a movement performance. It tells us the story of the ridiculous expectations of coming-of-age through radical satirical observations.

SELF-HELP reshapes the nature of performance and its conventions by stepping in and out of the fourth wall. The punchline: a critique of self-deprecating humour. SELF-HELP de-mystifies the subjects of immigration, unemployment and sex-based social structures by sharing personal anecdotes from nomad aspiring artists and gender-nonconforming feminists. Humorous, confrontational SELF-HELP is the bestseller of the year.

Dance: Rodrigo Ribeiro and Margarida Constantino

Live music composition: Rodrigo Ribeiro
Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Maacagni
Original song writing: ‘It’s been years’ by Maas van Gogh
Dramaturgy and movement coaching: Hans Timmerman and Katarzyna Sitars

“Du(o)ality” is a performance by choreographers/dancers Masha Zhukova and Liza Zhukova. The original idea for Du(o)ality comes from observation of human behaviour and a fascination of the dark and light sides of a personality. How beauty and ugliness, kindness and evil, light and darkness are combined in one person. While everyone has multiple qualities, the balance always varies. Each characteristic has its own colour and expression and it is not always obvious which side you are dealing with. In Du(o)ality, the makers have translated their theme into a physical performance.

Composer: Ezequiel Menalled
Costume designer: Min Li
Light designer: Varya Klosse
Project manager: Eline Hocque