‘Just because!’ is a dance performance inspired by the children’s book ‘Ostrich Land’ by Ephraim Sidon (Israel, 2018) and world crises of our times. ‘Ostrich Land’ is telling the story of the Ostrich community in a far out land where crises are being handled with ignorance stimulated by their king. Ostrich have naturally very good eyes that can spot danger from far out distance. However, they first lower their huge body and head into the ground as a method of measuring, or calculating the level of danger and only then, when necessary, they run for their lives. However, due to this typical behavior they have earned their name for burying their heads in the sand as soon as bad things are happening. Unfortunately, humans occasionally are embracing similar approach to avoid solving issues of today.

‘Just because!’ is a children’s performance addressed to children between the age of 4 to 12. However, it is aiming to grab parent’s attention as much as the children’s attention. It is giving an alert, confronting and making a statement in a playful way upon our responsibility as parents, in securing the future of our children. We need to step out of our comfort zone and take a real step to influence world policies concerning climate change.