Dans in Ontwikkeling 6

‘As far as thin air’ | Residency project

‘As far as thin air’ is a performance about indicating and recognizing personal space and how to deal with it. We live in an age where the notion of cross-border behavior makes the paper almost daily. Guarding our personal space, but also respecting that of the other, is almost a day’s work. Everyone knows that uncomfortable feeling in a busy elevator where we stand centimeters apart. But we feel the same inconvenience on a half-empty beach when the five-meter limit is crossed. Determining mutual distance goes through a feeling that is not the same for all people and in all situations. In this regard, women generally feel different from men. In a society where we seek equality between the sexes, we must think about our own boundaries and those of others. How do we do that?

Concept and choreography: Emma Evelein and Lucien Denny Dance: Emma Evelein and Lucien Denny.

‘NOTE TO SELF’ (excerpt) is a performance about the daily struggle between continuing or standing still. An inviting game between the dancers (and the audience) in a landscape full of post-its, one-liners and compelling beats. We live in a lightning fast time, which is full of stimuli, and abundance, which almost collapses with choices. Anything can and may, much must and preferably immediately perfect. With that we run into a luxury problem: we run and we fly, afraid to feel what happens when we stand still and do not participate. How do we handle this?

Concept and choreography: Sanne Clifford & Co Dance: Fabiana Carchesio, Fernando Oliveira & Mayke van Veldhuizen. Made possible by: AFK and NORMA