Dans in Ontwikkeling edition 18

18. 1 “The Path Generator”

I experience this world as … the essence is …
No, there is no essence, only randomness and choices.
Do we actually have a choice?
And how far are you ready to go with your choice?
You can always go further …
Once, I almost went insane …

Accompanied by live projection art and music, two dancers get entangled in a hypnotic journey. They find themselves in a net of rules, lines and games that constantly seems to change. An unpredictable performance, even for the performers themselves.
Is this what the world looks like through my eyes?

Choreography: David Feenstra
Dancers: Mireia Varón Gallofré and David Feenstra
Live music composition: Severin Salvenmoser
Dramaturgy and artistic advice: Hans Timmerman & Amit Palgi.
Residency: ©Magnezy Dance Productions
Photo: @richard_beukelaar_photography

18.2 Trio No.1

“Where life is, there is action, where the action is, there is movement, and where movement is, there is tempo, and where there is tempo, there is rhythm.”

(K. Stanislavski)

Three dancers move through the vastness of space in an attempt to find a unison. Guided by the pulsating rhythm and intricate footwork, choreographer Alesya Dobysh captures the inherent physicality of the human body: the sense of both lightness and heaviness, weightlessness and gravity; exploring the interplay between spontaneity, discipline, freedom and limitation. Produced by Korzo.

Dancers: Nöelle Vosman, Kaide Gonzalez and Alesya Dobysh
Composer: Max Frimout
Artistic coach: Fabienne Vegt
Costume design: Mila Halizova