Dans in Ontwikkeling #14

Dans in Ontwikkeling edition 14

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To truly trust our physical and emotional being makes us stronger and creates a unique deep personal connection. Choreographer Kanoko Takeuchi looks into human fragility we feel when faced with criticism and judgment, how we surrender ourselves to pleasing instead of choosing solely what our heart wishes for. Together with her dancers, Rosanna Ter Steege and Laura Moura Costa, Kanoko works with sensations and inner emotions. She invites the viewers into a world that sharpens their  sensations and shows them a reality that is recognizable.
Music: Rodrigo Ribeiro
Powered by Magnezy Dance Productions

A story of oppositions

In a 15-minute solo, choreographer Keren-or Ben Shachar portrays a female character dealing with life decisions, choice making and the state of indecisiveness. She composes narratives that combine dance, music, texts, and humour.
Music: Natural Desire by Alex Lentini & Stomp Boxx
Powered by: Lazy Susan & Co. | Hanne Blomme


How do we hold on to light in a world that seems to keep getting darker? What is life but a collection of problems to deal with? A collection of problems we keep dragging along with us. New ones get added, weighing on our souls, and we wonder why our backs hurt. FR/AGILE is an honest dance solo in which choreographer Liam McCall tries to find a way to unify his fragility and agility. It’s a plea for the need for vulnerability in hiphop, revealing his raw human self through his B-boying form.
In 2022 FR/AGILE won the Best of Fringe Amsterdam Award.
Music: Niels Broos
Scenography: Joey Schrauwen
Powered by: Emoves / UC Masters