Dans in Ontwikkeling 13

Dans in Ontwikkeling edition 13

‘two people in a room, 2022’

is a title, suitable for a postcard, in the imagination of choreographer Adrian Thömmes. Together with co-creator Mariona Vinyes Ràfols, Adrian portrays two individuals and their relationship. Positioned in one space they explore an awkward, clumsy way of being in close contact, sharing intimacy yet distant. What are they for each other: friends, siblings, lovers? It is as if they no longer see each other. Something is lost, broken. What has happened to them, and will they find each other back? Inspired by film masters such as Aki Kaurismäki and Wong Kar-Wai the makers aim to tell what is beyond words through the nuances of movement and gesture.

Music: Jeremy Delorme

Anatomy of (un)Holding | (Dutch premiere!)

Choreographer Shani Bar Dimri addresses the body as a landscape that needs to be rediscovered, by letting the physical biography lead the journey. She studies the body as an evolutionary process. In this solo piece performer Rotem Greenberg is on the floor, her female body falling, folding, lying down, making space for what is invisible. Our gaze is invited to ‘’listen” to its shapes. Allow the shivering to reverberate in the eyes, spending time in muscular-emotional thoughts about when and what we hold on to.

Light & sound design: Omer Boulanger Cohen

Dramaturgy: Doron Gallia-Kind

Production: Sigal Dahan