Dans in Ontwikkeling 12

Nymphs | Residency project

Nymphs are mythical creatures that lived in the forests and symbolized the wild, the unpredictable, freedom and sensuality. Choreographer, Niek Wagenaar is taking Nymphs as his starting point for a quintet. Together with his dancers Filippo Gualandris, Charles Heinrich Alice Sundara and Linde Wagemakers, he questions what forms our identity and what role the expectations of other people play in shaping our identity. The performers are looking into their gender identity as something to reveal, unfold with the many layers that it beholds. They propose a deconstruction of norms and prejudices to create a fluidic transcend approach towards (gender) identity.

* This production is also made possible by stichting Janivo and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.

In Between

For years, Evangelos Biskas has kept a diary of what he dreams at night. For In Between, he retrieves moods and intentions from his dream images to guide and shape his intuitive approach to dance. The absurd and irrational nature of his dreams is his compass.

In In Between, Evangelos Biskas shares his bizarre isolations, uncontrolled looseness and organic flow with his audience in total open-mindedness and nonchalance. His body connects directly to everything that seems to be going on inside him or in his surroundings. How he does this remains improbably unpredictable. He also knows how to surprise himself. He turns a lack of grip into melancholy, humor and understatement.

Production: Corpo Máquina Society

Dans in Ontwikkeling #6

Dans in Ontwikkeling edition 6 part 1

Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

‘As far as thin air’ is a performance about indicating and recognizing personal space and how to deal with it. We live in an age where the notion of cross-border behavior makes the paper almost daily. Guarding our personal space, but also respecting that of the other, is almost a day’s work. Everyone knows that uncomfortable feeling in a busy elevator where we stand centimeters apart. But we feel the same inconvenience on a half-empty beach when the five-meter limit is crossed. Determining mutual distance goes through a feeling that is not the same for all people and in all situations. In this regard, women generally feel different from men. In a society where we seek equality between the sexes, we must think about our own boundaries and those of others. How do we do that?

Concept and choreography: Emma Evelein and Lucien Denny Dance: Emma Evelein and Lucien Denny.

Dans in Ontwikkeling edtition 6 part 2

Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

‘NOTE TO SELF’ (excerpt) is a performance about the daily struggle between continuing or standing still. An inviting game between the dancers (and the audience) in a landscape full of post-its, one-liners and compelling beats. We live in a lightning fast time, which is full of stimuli, and abundance, which almost collapses with choices. Anything can and may, much must and preferably immediately perfect. With that we run into a luxury problem: we run and we fly, afraid to feel what happens when we stand still and do not participate. How do we handle this?

Concept and choreography: Sanne Clifford & Co Dance: Fabiana Carchesio, Fernando Oliveira & Mayke van Veldhuizen. Made possible by: AFK and NORMA