Dans in ontwikkeling 11

Sundowning | Residency project

In some people with dementia, behavior changes in the late
afternoon or early evening. They become restless and more
confused. This is referred to as the sundowning syndrome.
In the performance Sundowning, choreographer
Sara Europaeus is exploring the fear of losing one’s
memory. Together with her dancers: Liel Fibak, Polly
Mirovskaya, Clara Cozzolino, Stephania Vassiliou
(intern), Dovilė Krutulytė (intern); Sara invites the
viewer into an inner world in which memory fades
and fantasy emerges to answer our questions. The
performance off ers a view of something gracious and
understandable, combined with something fragmented
and deteriorating.
The memory of the dancers is being challenged by
‘’methods for forgetting’’, which are tasks developed
especially for this work, giving space and empathy to the
lost voices of dementia.

Concept & choreography: Sara Europaeus

Dancers: Sara Europaeus, Liel Fibak, Polly Mirovskaya,
Clara Cozzolino, Stephania Vassiliou, Dovilė Krutulytė


Two men, they slide across the fl oor. Their torsos and
limbs double before our eyes and get in and out of
the knot. Breakdancer Simon Bus/CORPO MÁQUINA
made this duet together with b-boy Roy Overdijk (The
Ruggeds). They both fold their bodies in all directions
with the greatest of ease. Inimitably physical. With
Febris, Simon and Roy bring an ode to fever, to the
feverish body and to the sultry intimacy of the feverish
dream. Vision.
In Simon’s work, serenity and relativity go hand in hand.
Starting from narrative themes, he gradually brings
about an abstraction that gives peace and at the same
time invites disquiet.

Concept & dance: Simon Bus/CORPO MÁQUINA & b-boy
Roy Overdijk