Dans in Ontwikkeling 10

notwithstanding | Residency project

Trust appears to be very personal, and changeable through time. Maybe we just notice it when it’s not there anymore… An ever actual theme. In notwithstanding, both created and danced by Maxime Abbenhues and Mees Meeuwsen, we witness the research of a relationship after the trust has been broken. Is it something that can truly be rebuild again? A duet in an intimate space, about restoring trust and seeking the (im)possibilities in the combination of two bodies.

Concept & dance: Collective MAMM (Maxime Abbenhues, Mees Meeuwsen)

Borders Of A Multiverse

As human beings we all long for connection. With other people, with society, with ourselfs. Through spirituality, religion, technology or whatever. But if attachment turns into dependency? Isolation. Disconnection. Wandering around in our own universe, looking for the borders of our capabilities. Victor Swank explored this reality, together with dancers Valerie de Haan, Fernando Morales and Daniel Vliek. At the end of their queeste, life seems to be about becoming attached to a brighter, broader vision.  Together. Universe becomes multiverse.

Concept & choreography: Victor Swank Dancers: Valerie de Haan, Fernando Morales, Victor Swank, Daniel Vliek