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On Tuesday May 19, 2020, we had planned a new edition of ‘Dans in Ontwikkeling ‘. The performance had to be canceled due to the coronavirus and the accompanying measures. Fortunately, we’ve already had eight successful editions of ‘Dans in Ontwikkeling’.
We would like to share these dance performances with you. From today on, every Tuesday evening at 8:15 PM we will broadcast a video of a performance on YouTube. We hope to be able to continue making dance performances from September. We do miss making these beautiful productions and the collaboration with Theater aan de Schie. In the meantime we want to let you enjoy and also introduce you to Magnezy Dance Productions. Enjoy watching! Follow us on

Tuesday, March 6, 2018. ‘Engel’ by Kim – Jomi Fischer and Marta Alstadsæter, winner of the BNG Bank Dance Prize 2018. A performance that depicts the inner, daily struggle of every person. Two performers – a circus acrobat and a dancer – are intertwined with each other in a physical dialogue, in which body weight, momentum and direction are taken away from each other. They were inspired by the collection of poems ‘Dust that Like a Girl’, in which writer Toon Tellegen describes the continuous struggle of a man who is defied by an angel. Performers: Kim-Jomi Fischer and Marta Alstadsæter.

Dans in Ontwikkeling is a platform, initiated by Liat Magnezy, which facilitates the work of beginning dance makers; offering studio space, coaching and a stage to realize a new dance performance. Next to that Magnezy programs an existing piece by a young choreographer. In this way, she makes a contribution to the diversity of the dance culture in the Netherlands. Dans in Ontwikkeling is made possible by the Gemeente Schiedam and Theater aan de Schie.

In the context of this dance program, Magnezy presents the following two performances: the details of the performances will follow shortly.

On Steady Ground

Taking inspiration from the relatable idea of failure and success, dance artist Ian Yves Ancheta attempts to find steady feet on the shaky grounds of everyday life. Playfully and lightly, On Steady Ground exposes the dancers fighting to overcome restrictive circumstances, revealing their struggles and vulnerability. Through the use of moving platforms, Ian creates a scenery that is constantly fluctuating and invites the audience to form their interpretations. On Steady Ground is a performance filled with awkwardness, challenge, and danger that aims to test our expectations. How can we change our surroundings to facilitate our desires?

Choreographer: Ian Yves Ancheta

Dancers: Sara Miguelote, Cecilie Kjaer and Ian Yves Ancheta

Boys Don’t Cry

I am afraid that if I stop moving, I will feel it all. It will sink inside – the loneliness, the impotence, the taste of tears that goes down the throat. So, I never stop – from a party to another, from one man to another, never leaving enough space to feel the emptiness. 

 ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is a solo performance that reflects on old and new perceptions of masculinity. Through a journey in the memory lane of a man, we witness a metamorphosis, and eventually catharsis – a rare moment of ultimate freedom and liberation that follows the decision to shed the weight of society’s expectations.

Choreographer and dancer: Yotam Peled

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 8:15 PM
Wennekerpand Vijgensteeg 2 Schiedam

Tickets: Normal price € 16.50      CJP /65+  € 12.50      Students € 9.00.

‘Just because!’ is a dance performance inspired by the children’s book ‘Ostrich Land’ by Ephraim Sidon (Israel, 2018) and world crises of our times. ‘Ostrich Land’ is telling the story of the Ostrich community in a far out land where crises are being handled with ignorance stimulated by their king. Ostrich have naturally very good eyes that can spot danger from far out distance. However, they first lower their huge body and head into the ground as a method of measuring, or calculating the level of danger and only then, when necessary, they run for their lives. However, due to this typical behavior they have earned their name for burying their heads in the sand as soon as bad things are happening. Unfortunately, humans occasionally are embracing similar approach to avoid solving issues of today.

‘Just because!’ is a children’s performance addressed to children between the age of 4 to 12. However, it is aiming to grab parent’s attention as much as the children’s attention. It is giving an alert, confronting and making a statement in a playful way upon our responsibility as parents, in securing the future of our children. We need to step out of our comfort zone and take a real step to influence world policies concerning climate change.