Still Moving is a festive three-day festival: 8,9,10 September with various art disciplines, where we create an ‘art route’ between the new location of Kunstwerkt: Art Centre Schiedam and the studios of Magnezy Dance Productions at 81 Boterstraat, Schiedam with activities realised both indoors and outdoors. Participating in this art route are the following cultural partners: Stichting Kunstwerkt, AtelierRuimDenkers, Schiedams Boekhuis, I-Punt S’Dam and OpenArtExchange.

The title Still Moving refers to the apparent contrast between often static visual art and the dynamic of dance. The programme is made up of exhibitions, performances, workshops and lectures, focusing on the interaction between dance and visual art. Artists from both inside and outside Schiedam participate. Still Moving also refers to the role of the visitors, who are always invited to move with the art and be moved by it.

Dance Program

Whispers in MotionCodarts Rotterdam, Loura van Krimpen

Friday September 8th 16:30 – 17:30 De Plantage > De Plantage/ Art Centre Schiedam

Amidst the static beauty of the city’s landscapes, a symphony of dance emerges, speaking volumes through the subtle language of motion. As you wander, you’ll encounter pockets of kinetic artistry—choreographed moments that bridge the gap between the city’s canvas and the dancer’s form. These ephemeral performances are more than mere steps; they are whispers, delicate and resonant, sharing tales of emotion, history, and dreams.

“Whispers in Motion” beckons you to join this poetic dance. Become a part of the story—let your steps intertwine with the city’s rhythm. As you follow these whispered movements, you’ll realize that the city itself is alive, resonating with the energy of its inhabitants and the cadence of their expressions. Embrace the harmony of art and movement, and allow yourself to be moved by the silent conversations that unfold in the spaces between stillness and dance.

The starting point is the Plantage in Schiedam, and the event will end at the studio of Magnezy Dance Productions, “Ruimte in Beweging,” located at Boterstraat in Schiedam. The total length of the route is 1.1 km.

Amour, Amour, Amour, Alioune Diagne

Friday, September 8th 17:30 – 18:30 Ruimte in Beweging – Boterstraat 81 Schiedam

“L’amour se trouve dans ton intérieur” (love lies within you) – Alioune Diagne

Amour Amour Amour is a personal and intimate dance solo by Senegalese artist Alioune Diagne who continually searches for love and keeps questioning it. Love is a force that connects people and transcends countries and cultures. Amour Amour Amour Alioune Diagne makes the different facets of love palpable. Love as a spiritual force that moves you and can make you travel to the farthest point. As a source of energy that can recharge you. But also the love that comes with separation. Of a child leaving the parental home one day. Of partners having to let go of each other. Or of moving to a whole new culture. A personal story by Alioune Diagne taking a Senegalese past into a new future. Immerse yourself in love and travel with him.

Performance and choreography: Alioune Diagne 

Motion Farewell, Sara Europaeus

Sunday, September 9th

11:00 – 11:20   De plantage

11:25 – 11:32   Appelmarkt

11:40 – 12:00   Grote markt             

Motion Farewell is a dance performance by choreographer Sara Europaeus that explores the inevitable shifts in relationships and the transformative nature of connections we make in our lives, honoring farewell as a natural moment in the transience of romance.

Meaningful moments, old and new love, leave physiological traces that are stored in our bodies – and that linger beyond their actual duration. Playing with the physical process of parting, Motion Farewell embraces the changing tides of love and connection and celebrates them with the farewell party they deserve.

Performance: Sara Europaeus

Choice of Line, David Feenstra

Sunday, September 10th

13:30 – 14:00   Ruimte in Beweging – Boterstraat 81

14:45 – 15:15   Q & A met de kunstenaar  – Art Centrum Schiedam – Lange Nieuwstraat 191

16:00 – 16:30   Ruimte in Beweging – Boterstraat 81

Choice of Line is een solo van David Feenstra die legt het verschil tussen gecontroleerd worden en de controle nemen onder de loep door het projecteren van random lijnen en live input van muzikant Severin Salvenmoser. Het programma dat dit pad van lijnen genereert, gemaakt door Hans Lous, laat een live random output zien die bepaalt wat er tijdens de solo gebeurt. Wanneer kies je zelf en wanneer volg je een pad gedefinieerd door alle willekeurige en chaotische toevalligheden in je leven? Zijn we überhaupt in controle, of worden we zomaar in het rond gegooid?

Wonder aTent (artist in residentie)Amit Palgi

Saturday, September 9th

12:00 to 13:00                OpenArtExchange – Hoogstraat 185

14:00 to 15:00                OpenArtExchange – Hoogstraat 185

Sunday, September 10th

14:00 to 15:30                OpenArtExchange – Hoogstraat 185

16:30 to 17:30                OpenArtExchange – Hoogstraat 185

Wonder aTent is a performative installation that uses dance, text and sound to wonder about wandering and homesickness. Created over two weeks of residency by Amit Palgi for OpenArtExchange’s gallery space. Visitors are welcome to step into the gallery, put on headphones and listen to stories followed by transformative images created in the space.

I always wander

Whether it could be better there.

I make an effort,

But too soon I start over

And wonder.


Living Art, by Nikki Janssen

Sunday, September 10th

16:30 – 18:00   Ruimte in Beweging – Boterstraat 81

A lecture on the connections between dance and the visual arts by Nikki Jansen.

Nikki Jansen (1997) studied Dance Teacher at Codarts and Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She now works as a dance and philosophy teacher at Codarts, at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and the SKVR.

The lecture will discuss the connections between dance and the visual arts. Choreographers, dancers and visual artists have collaborated, inspired and influenced each other throughout art history. We will look at several examples of this, and discuss works that question the boundaries between disciplines and definitions of dance and visual art.

Drawing Workshop

Sunday September 10th

12:00 – 13:30      Ruimte in Beweging- Boterstraat

Modeltekenen is een van de meest intensieve manieren van beeldend onderzoek, het wordt sinds de oudheid toegepast door kunstenaars als studie naar vorm en expressie, maar ook als ontwikkeling van het eigen vocabulair. Tekenen naar bewegend model heeft daarbij de extra uitdaging van niet terug kunnen kijken. De beweging gaat door, de tekening verstild.

De ervaren kunstdocenten en kunstenaars Alice Bakker en Dick Berckenkamp begeleiden bezoekers bij het tekenen naar bewegend model.

De workshop staat open voor eenieder die zich 90 minuten op deze uitdaging wil storten. Danser Amit Palgi zal tijdens de workshop dansen/bewegen er is voor 12 gastkunstenaars ruimte om deze bewegingen om te zetten in tekening.

Ezels, tekenpapier en houtskool zullen voorhanden zijn. Kom op tijd want vol is vol.

Film program

Saturday september 9th and Sunday September 10th

14:00 – 15:30      Ruimte in Beweging – Boterstraat 81

Choreography of Altruism / film by Mats Logen and Daniel Barkan

The social circle is trembling. Society falls apart at times we need it most. Will we find comfort in a new world? Five dancers are holding hands in a circle, a utopian society. They slowly circle around each other, the dance begins. Captivated by the rhythm of society they spiral out of control. Will they delight in the structure of the future?

My name is the sound I use to introduce myselfAlbert Rask Rosager

 is a film that questions where the idea of “good” came from, how it is possible to perceive certain things as “bad”. It is proposing our incapability of listening while following a poetic dance of the tension around closeness, fragility, being in-between; sometimes alive and close, sometimes distant and falling apart. On the nicest days they breathe together.

The film has been screened at Eye Film Museum and as a film installation at

the graduation show 2023 of Gerrit Rietveld Academie


Als jij niet beweegt, dan doe ik het wel,Richard Beukelaar

Friday September 8th

 18:30 – 19:00     Ruimte in Beweging – Boterstraat 81

Saturday September 9th & Sunday September 10th

 12:00 – 15:30      Ruimte in Beweging – Boterstraat 81

House photographer of Magnezy Dance Productions, Richard Beukelaar, has been invited to exhibit his work at the Still Moving festival. Richard is both a visual and performing artist. He paints with the camera in a world that serves as a palette to mix on. For this exhibition Richard allows forced chance, persons behind faces, stories behind movements, bodies of a canvas, a flash in the sunlight, shadow in the dark; everything comes together.

Made possible by:

Stichting KuntWerkt, Open Art Exchange, Atelier RuimDenkers,

Het Schiedams BoekhuisCodart Rotterdam, Gemeente Schiedam